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Week 41

Monday, October 10, 2022

Today was the last day of my second swim training course. I've now practiced swimming for about 6 months and I'm still a long way of my goal of being able to swim 400m effortlessly. I can swim 50m in about a minute but after that I either lose my composure or need some time to rest to do more. But the slow progress doesn't really matter that much as I've become to absolutely love my time in the pool.

Me swimming

I took my GoPro with me for the last time of the practice to maybe film some swimming for technique analysis. Unfortunately we didn't have much time and we only had one chance to do one quick lap with my friend where one would film the other. Neither of us hadn't done any underwater filming before and we didn't get a chance to test anything beforehand so the end result wasn't that great but even the short glimpses from the 25m swim taught me lots. For example my body position is all messed up; my legs are way low and my head is still very high when I breathe which makes the lower body sink even more while breathing. Also I have a clear low-elbow catch which means I lose most of the power from my catch and it also puts the posture in wrong form. Lot's to learn for the next course which starts in two weeks time!

Week 40

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

In addition to my Monday training course swims, I've now found a rhythm of 3-4 total swims during the week. I'm still training in the 25m pool as it feels most comfortable but I no longer swim individual pool lengths but practice my flip turn and swim at least two pool lengths at a time. Outside of the training course I've tried to do at least 1k swim (consisting of several 50-100m lengths w/ rest between) plus a separate (Garmin) session of drills each time.

My average 1k times have come down from ~2.20/100 to about ~2.05/100 since the summer. Still very slow but I feel like I'm seeing at least some progress with most of the training sessions. And most importantly, I love the raining itself!

Week 39

Friday, September 30, 2022

I've been focusing almost all my training on swimming, and this week I swam for the first time more than I ran! I'm still pretty slow and I don't have enough stamina to swim even 200m without being totally out of breath but I'm seeing small improvements still. Being in the pool at least three times a week helps to keep the momentum.

Week 38

Saturday, September 24, 2022

I've lost most my interest in running since it's become pretty lonely and also wet. I started yet another Garmin training program for triathlon but haven't been quite strict with it since some of the training has been overlapping with my swims and I'm much more interested in improving that than doing anything else. Would be nice to find some company to run with, tho!

Day 6
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Uninen aka Ville Säävuori Good hello! My name is Ville Säävuori aka @Uninen and this is my health blog. I'm a 40-something nerd from Turku, Finland. My goal is to exercise or be otherwise active every single day. I built this site to follow my progress and to help with accountability. I'm training for running my first 10k  half marathon  marathon  4x4x48 challenge in 2022.


Not blogs, but something to check out and follow.

Podcasts, YouTube channels

  • The Running Channel (YouTube) - fun and informative British channel for runners.
  • Triathlon Taren (YouTube) - lots of hands on knowledge and practical advice for triathlon training.
  • Huberman Lab podcast (YouTube) - outstanding podcast by Dr. Andrew Huberman with a metric ton of scientific information and practical advice relating to neuroscience and physical and mental training.
  • The Joe Rogan Experience (Spotify) - you can say what you want about Joe Rogan but there's no denying that many of his discussions with passionate people are 100% genuine and full of insight. I do not agree with the man on many issues but I do appreciate the free content.


  • David Goggins (Instagram) - whenever you need motivation, just go back and remind yourself what David Goggins does to keep his demons away. Also, if you feel lonely on your run, no matter wherever you are on the planet or what time it is, it's likely that he is training somewhere at this same moment. (Check out these - hilarious Goggins-anecdotes by Jesse Itzler) Stay hard!
  • Anna H (Instagram) - The Running Channel host and adventurer with a beautiful soul. Check out her 3-part World's Toughest 260k Island Race series on YouTube.
  • Katie Spotz (Instagram) - amazig young endurance athlete who is willing to do more than most of us for making the world a better place. Listen Joe Rogan #1635 for a deeper look into her story.
  • Jocko Willink (Instagram) - ultimate dicipline and respectable morals. Jocko's daily 4.30 am clock photos on Instagram are a constant reminder that the strongest men work for their success.


  • Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins - superb combination of audiobook and podcast that gives you lots of practical advices on taking control of our life and stranghtening your mind. Definitely check out the audio version of this book, it's amazing.

I haven't found that many interesting books relating to staying healthy / exercising. I'm not at all interested in ungenuine self-help type books or pushy "just do this" marketing books. If you have any suggestions, dm or email me!


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