Privacy Policy

This site is owned and maintained by an individual, Ville Säävuori (@uninen). Privacy and secure data handling is very important for me personally and I have a no bullshit attitude for everythig privacy-related.

I'm not a lawyer so there's no legalese here. I promise you that your data is kept safe and secure, it won't be given to third parties or used for anything else but for the functionality of this site . If you don't trust me, don't register as a user. No private data is ever collected from anonymous users.

This site does not collect any of your data for any other reason but enabling enhanced site functionality (like commenting/liking etc.). By registering and interacting (creating comments etc.) with this site you give me permission to use that data on this site and for promotion (like posting on social media).

  • The statistics are collected by Plausible which doesn't use cookies and respects your privacy.
  • Registering / user data is handled by Google. Authentication uses cookies and only very basic user data such as auto-generated id and email is stored in a properly hardened MongoDB Atlas database. (If you want to delete this data, email me at
  • Logged in users can interact with the site, this data is collected into a MongoDB Atlas database. All this data is collected and used purely and only for the use of this site, it won't be used for anything else nor given to third parties (except for possible marketing of this site by posting links to posts that include comments etc). The main point is:none of your data ever leaves the database for any other use but for to be used on this sitestrong >.

If you have any questions, feel free to dm me on any of the linked social media accounts or email me at Stay safe!